What Makes Salvador Brazil's Most Violent City

Brazil's most violent major city, the colonial metropolis of Salvador de Bahia on the country's northern coast, has been hit by an influx of organized crime and drugs over the past five years, causing violence to rise as gangs battle for control of local markets. (Insight Crime) 

Mexico Gambles on Vigilante Security


A new alliance between the Mexican security forces and citizen ‘self-defence’ groups in Michoacán state has brought some short term success in the fight against the Knights Templar cartel. But what will be the long-term consequences of legitimizing heavily armed vigilante groups in Mexico? (Sustainable Security)

The Heavy Hand on Venezuela's Streets

Faced with soaring levels of crime and violence, Venezuela's government continues to militarize the police. The public disproves of the crime, but not the response. Why? (Open Democracy)

Wikileaks' Assange marks Day 100 inside Ecuadorean embassy



Ecuador says it will host Assange in its London embassy indefinitely, but the decision to continue supporting the Wikileaks founder could have negative repercussions for the Andean nation. (Christian Science Monitor)