These are a few of the reports I wrote during my researching days in Washington, D.C. There is (much) more where these came from, but I won't subject you to all that here. I also wrote this report on private security firms for the Inter-American Dialogue.

Point is, if you want FOIAs and deep research on security, or if you just want to talk U.S. military policy/security assistance, send me an email


Putting the Pieces Together: A Global Guide to U.S. Security Aid Programs

Since the “Global War on Terror” began, the Defense Department has been driving assistance to militaries and police forces worldwide. This guide explains how that happened and what it looks like. 


Which Central American Military and Police Units Get the Most U.S. Aid?

In 2016, Central American military and police forces received more U.S. assistance than they have in over a decade. This publication details the security force units receiving U.S. support, gives a rundown of the types of assistance these units receive, and highlights the questions raised about U.S. security policy in Central America.

U.S. Special Operations in Latin America

The U.S. military’s most elite forces have been increasing their deployments across the globe, and Latin America and the Caribbean are no exception. But as Special Operations Forces activity grows, the already low amount of transparency and available information about their actions is shrinking.